• Early Education at Saint John Vianney – Enchanted Lakes

  • Honoka’a Intermediate & High School

  • Kailua High School c/o ‘97

  • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

  • 2015 Summa Cum Laude at UH Manoa with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work

  • ASC in Hawaiian Lang/History

  • CNA Certified

  • Certified Zumba & Turbo Kick Instructor 

Advocate for our Keiki

  • 7+ years teaching experience Pre-12th grade

  • Georgetown University Training Institutes for Children’s Mental Health 

  • Project Ho’omahala for At-risk Youth

  • Advocate, Mentor, and Coordinator for youth self/cultural determination 

  • Advocate and Mentor for teen parenting and parenting awareness 

  • 5+ years’ experience as a youth volleyball coach for boys and girls 7-18 yrs

Advocate for our Community

  • Stopped overfishing in Waimanalo with DLNR (Aug 2014)

  • Memorandum of Sea Cucumbers with DLNR (June 2015)

  • Assisted in saving the Ka Iwi coast from developing 80 luxury condos (Aug. 2015 Na Kua’aina O Waimanalo)

  • Championed Bill 8 which enforces no commercial activities from Makapu’u to Waimanalo Beach Park per the lease agreement between DHHL & the City and County of Honolulu (Feb. 2015)

  • Save Our Sherwood (SOS) – WON June 2020

  • Community Advocate and volunteer leader involved in natural resource (land & sea) collaboration with state, city & community leadership

Community Boards/Memberships

  • Vice-Chair of Waimanalo Neighborhood Board

  • Chair of Waimanalo’s Residentially Challenged and Transportation Committees

  • Co-Founder of Na Kua’aina O Waimanalo 

  • Co-Founder of Save Our Sherwood

  • Membership Committee member for the Waimanalo Co-op Market

  • Member of Department of Hawaiian Homelands Waimanalo 

  • Waimanalo Health Center La’au Lapa’au Committee 

Legislative Experience

  • Researcher for Senator Pohai Ryan 

  • Clerk for Representative Fay Hanohano 




  • Committed to partnering/meeting every school principal in my district

  • Committed to be the liaison between DOE and principals

  • Will continue to fight for teachers pay raises

  • Equal Funding for Public and Charter Schools

  • Post COVID Education Reform

  • Advocating for place based learning and trade classes in public high schools


Cost of Living (Economy) 

  • Oppose tax increase

  • Diversify economy by supporting agriculture industry

  • Support Local Businesses

  • Community vending section for community owned vendors 

  • Regulations on Tourism & Tour Guides

  • Keeping Jobs here in Hawai’i (No outsourcing) = DOCARE Academy, Tour Guides



  • Advocate & work with DHHL to issue more residential, agriculture/ranch & mercantile lands to beneficiaries

  • Work with DLNR/DOCARE for additional funding for the hire of more officers per district

  • Support better management of fresh water ways and overgrown foliage

  • Establish Marine Life Habitat (DOCARE support)

  • Identify land and resources for houseless/homeless community    

Kukana Kama-Toth

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PO Box 602 Waimanalo Hawaii, 96795



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